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Non-Official Boxart, not my original image


Yuru Yuri was a big thing around ~2011-2013, it was a very comedic and charming anime that had a large community at the time. Along with that community, a significant contingent of artists created an unbelievable amount of original content, one of them being the boxart pictured on this website. Many believed this was a real game, and were astonished and heartbroken to find there was no such thing. I, too, felt that disappointment, until this year, in August 2015, that I would take the various programming skills I had been learning over the past years to make it, a completely original one-manned doujin game. The game will have completely original art, ranging from in-game sprites and backgrounds to boxart and music. It will be made with the PSPsdk and hand-coded C++ source material, not to mention the product will be completely free.

The world needs Yuru Yuri Pajama Fighters.



Yuru Yuri Pajama Fighters requires a custom firmware PSP that can utilize homebrew applications. If you do not have a custom firmware PSP, follow these directions:

  1. Update your PSP to v6.6: Click here to download the update package. Connect your PSP via USB. Extract it and put the contents in the PSP removable storage main folder. Boot your PSP and go to Games > PSP Update ver 6.60. Run the file.

  2. Once you have updated, click here to download the custom firmware if you are in v6.6, if you are in v6.6.1 click here. Extract and copy PROUPDATE to the PSP > GAME folder. If you do not have a GAME folder, make one. Boot your PSP and run the PROUPDATE app. Press X to confirm installation, and the PSP will run the firmware until you turn your PSP off. That's it, unless you would like to keep your custom firmware permanently flashed to the PSP so you don't have to run the PROUPDATE application every time. If you would like to do this, read on to step 3.

  3. WARNING: I am not responsible for any damage done to your PSP. Please read this before you continue: Your PSP can only be flashed if it is a PSP 1000 or a PSP 2000 that is not an 88 version 3. Please take the time to figure out which version your PSP is. Whether your PSP is a 1000, 2000, or 3000 version may be found in the UMD disk slot or, more likely, the battery compartment. If you cannot permanently flash your firmware, click here or scroll down to step number five to continue.

  4. Copy the CIPL_Flasher from the archive file you downloaded earlier and put it in your GAME folder. Run it, and once it is finished you now have a permanently flashed custom firmware system.

  5. If you can't flash the firmware to your PSP, copy the FastRecovery folder to your GAME folder. Whenever you turn off your PSP, you can run this application to re-enable your custom firmware.

  6. You can now delete any of the applications you have downloaded to save space **UNLESS YOU FOLLOWED STEP 5** if you did follow step 5, delete everything except for the FastRecovery folder. You now have a homebrew device, enjoy!

Whether or not a PC version will be available depends on the success on the first game and if I consider taking donations. While the PSP game will be free, I still need something that might help me stay alive!

Developer's Blog
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(Sept 24 2015) Devblog #5:
Sorry for being on hiatus on so long! The good thing is that a lot of things are being done in a very short time! I've created a test sprite which you'll see in the test videos a lot more frequently now (so people don't think I'm as much of a fraud when I say I'm going to make completely original art!) You can now no longer go outside the borders of the left, right, and mid-bottom portions of the screen. Whenever I get to the whole misery of making physics for the game, it's basically where you'll end up after jumping or getting knocked out, or basically whenever you're on the ground. I've created a status bar indicating your health and mana/chakra/super/whatever power to do special moves, along with an area that shows the characters face, which will also probably react to when you get hit, when you're on low or high health, etc! I've worked on a few other sprites that will stylize the game too, so it will have its own unique look! These sprites are subject to change, however, as the health portion of the status bar is a lazy green/red gradient. I was thinking something more Yuru Yuri, something cute, maybe a nice yellow and something else that would look cute with the pink status border, but that'll probably be done later in development! Things are ALWAYS subject to change. At the moment I really want to make a menu even though I'm not that far into development, with graphical buttons and such! Maybe just to get it over with or maybe I'm just excited to do it? Whatever! I'll do it sometime, hopefully I don't take another long break (like how I lied in the last devblog! D:)

(Sept 12 2015) Devblog #4:
Haven't been able to update the game much recently, but I've been working on a few sprites! I think I'll make a main menu just for fun in the next several days! Honestly the programming is a cinch, but when it comes to the art... ;_;

(Aug 30 2015) Devblog #3:
Worked on loading images, I've found ways I can make spritesheets to save loads of space and keep the project extremely organized. The engine isn't even close to being done yet, but I have a video of me testing the image loader and moving it along an x and y axis. The sprite will not move down yet as I have not introduced any type of physics into the game. Spritework is not finished, so please do not think the sprite in the video is what is actually going to be used; the finished work will be very high quality, similiar to any other game. Otherwise, the PSP sdk seems relatively easy to use! The code portions of the game should fly by, aside from hitboxes. The only part I'm worried about is all the sprites I'll have to make for ~8+ characters, unique movesets and all! A download for the current release is now available.

(Aug 29 2015) Devblog #2:
Common callback and button events implemented. Engine to process images will be made very soon. Beginning spritework!

(Aug 29 2015) Devblog #1:
Site created - it looks horrible, but it's as good as it's going to get, at least for now!